Restaurant Zavičaj

In 6 locations in the city

Gourmet paradise - ZAVIČAJ

Restaurant chain ZAVIČAJ

Ethno restaurant chain Zavičaj is famous for its specialties of the Balkan cuisine, modern service and ethno environment, which creates a pleasant feeling and home atmosphere in the spirit of our tradition. Our restaurants are best described by the famous poet Ljubivoje Ršumović and the slogan “Gourmet Paradise is called Homeland (Zavičaj)”.

Restaurant “Zavičaj Skadarlija”

Restaurant Zavičaj Skadarlija is located in Skadarlija, the bohemian heart of Belgrade, second most visited tourist attraction, where the cult restaurants Devetka, Split and Dva bela goluba once used to be.

Restaurant “Zavičaj Balkanska”

Restaurant Zavičaj Balkanska is one of the hottest restaurants in Belgrade where the Balkan magic happens. Traditional specialties are served in a unique environment with a vibrant atmosphere of Serbian home. 

Restaurant “Zavičaj Zvezdara”

Restaurant Zavičaj Zvezdara is a restaurant that blends Balkan tradition with modern interior design. The result is a unique experience with delicious traditional specialties, comfortable atmosphere and a pleasant service.

Restaurant “Zavičaj Oblakovska“

Restaurant Zavičaj is a part of Garni Hotel Zavičaj, conveniently located for business travelers. As one of the chain members of traditional ethno restaurants Zavičaj, this restaurant offers Balkan specialties…

Restaurant „Zavičaj Šiljakovac“

The first in the restaurant chain “Zavičaj”, a restaurant in Šiljakovac, opened its doors to guests in April 2011. This restaurant has become the break point of all travelers who want to rest from the road in a pleasant…

Restaurant „Zavičaj Barajevo“

In the very center of Barajevo, across the township and post office, there is a restaurant “Zavičaj”. Restaurant “Zavičaj” in Barajevo represents an inevitable part of the Barajevo community and it can be said…

Our story

The restaurant chain “Zavičaj” was created as a branch of the Hotel “Kneževina”, under the wing of the enterprise of BAREL GRUPA Trade & Services“Kneževina” is the center of our story, with a high quality service, which takes care of all the other restaurants. Whether you are organizing gatherings with friends or celebrations, family or business lunches, Zavičaj is your right choice. At 5 locations in the city, you can expect the best of the Balkan cuisine, friendly staff and excellent service.